Free Hand Reading Mastermind March 2019

Welcome to the free hand reading mastermind in March 2019. Find below the hands that will be discussed during the webinar on Tuesday, March 19 from 4:00-5:30 PM Pacific Time. Subscribers will receive instructions to join this free webinar on Tuesday. It’s never too late to join. Simply make your request via the Contact Form on this web site to join this group.

01 (below)

02 (below)

03 (below)


04 (below)

05 (below)

06 (below)

Free Mastermind Sep. 2018

Welcome to the AAHA Hand Factor Free Mastermind. The handprints below have been submitted for discussion during our live webinar on Mon. Sep. 16, 2018.

Prints 01_02 (below)



Prints 03_04 (below)

MM_03 Right from NP

MM_04 Left from NP

Prints 05_06 (below)



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Free Mastermind March 2017

Welcome back to another insightful webinar to expand learning and awareness about the sacred and scientific world of hand analysis. The system used for these calls is non-predictive. Beginners and advanced hand analysts will benefit by listening and participating. After this webinar, subscribers will receive a recording of the call in both mp4 (video) and mp3 (audio) and be available for a short time.

Find below the hands to be discussed on Sunday, March 19th

Click this link to open 2017_MM_01_02_Mar_From ED_2-24-17

Prints 03, o4, 05, and 06 are not posted here but will be shared live during the call. The file sizes are too large to post here.

Photos 07 and 08 (below)

Right hand above

Left hand above

Mastermind January 2017

Welcome to the first AAHA Free Mastermind webinar in 2017. Analyzing hands just got easier!!! Find below the handprints to be discussed on Jan. 10th, 2017.  It’s never too late to join. Simply click the Contact Us and type, “Yes, add me to your free mastermind.” Check the email address you enter for yourself to make sure it’s correct otherwise Kay’s email to you will bounce.

AAHA Free Mastermind


AAHA Free Mastermind


AAHA Mastermind


AAHA Mastermind


AAHA Mastermind

Baby Tented Arch on Left Jupiter
Baby Tented Arch on Left Jupiter

AAHA Mastermind


AAHA Mastermind


Free Mastermind October, 2016


The handprints below will be analyzed and discussed during the AAHA Free Hand Factor Mastermind Webinar on Wed. Oct. 12th, 2016. Feel free to print the handprints and make notes as the prints are discussed. Your questions will be welcome in the chat feature during the live webinar. If you would like to be added to the Free Mastermind subscription simply email with, “Yes, add me to your MM.” You will receive an invitation to submit handprints, join upcoming calls, and receive the recording after the call.  Hope to see you soon!










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Mastermind August 2016

Welcome to the Free Hand Factor Mastermind Call for August, 2016. I’m delighted to have the following prints and photos to share and discuss on our call. The first three sets of prints are members of the same family; Mom and two of her children. The owner of the hands in the photos are especially impressive because of the very long and straight Head Lines.

MM_Aug_01 (below)


MM_Aug_02 (below)


MM_Aug_03 (below)


MM_Aug_04 (below)


MM_Aug_05 (below)


MM_Aug_06 (below)


MM_Aug_07 and 08 below (photos)

Right hand below

MM_Aug_2016_07_Right from BarbB

Left hand below

MM_Aug_2016_Left from BarbB




Mastermind May 2016

Welcome to the AAHA Hand Factor FREE Mastermind call forum May 2016. The handprints below are in the queue for discussion tonight. After you open each file CLICK the back button to return to THIS page with all the prints. The plan is to discuss each set of prints for about 20 minutes which will include dialog with the print provider.

MM_May_01 from Tere

MM_May_02 from Tere

MM_May_03_04 from Vickie

MM_05 Right from Hedonna


MM-06 Left from Hedonna


MM_May_07 from Debe

MM_May_08 from Debe


Free Hand Factor Mastermind 2016

Buddha with LotusGreetings and welcome to the American Academy of Hand Analysis Hand Factor Mastermind Webinars!

The first FREE Hand Factor Mastermind live webinar is scheduled for Thursday, February 4, 2016 starting at 4:00pmPT. Calls typically last 1 hour and 15 minutes.

It’s never too late to join in – simply Contact Us with, “Yes, add me to your MM” in the subject line. You will then be added to our mailing list and receive invitations to join each call, with continual opportunities to submit handprints and receive free mini readings.

It’s okay if you’re unable to join live because recordings with screen sharing-video are sent out to subscribers after each call – all for free!

Purpose of these Free Mastermind Sessions:

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich described a mastermind group as a “friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.”

We are here to nurture and support growth in the hand analysis community. Together we are organizing useful knowledge and “creating a virtual encyclopedia from which each member can draw information,” as Napoleon Hill wrote in “The Law of Success.”

Thank you for joining in willingness to share, broadcast and brainstorm and expand everyone’s knowledge in the sacred and scientific world of hand analysis.