Talus and His Monkey Line

Talus and Mom came by share his two-year-and-seven-month hands with me.  He intently performed my requested hand printing, almost without instruction.  He printed his baby doll too!

Talus calls this line racing across his hand (above), “A Monkey Line.”  The monkey does fly from tree to tree with intent and grace.  I also like to think of it like a tight-rope where the walker is very aware of his (or her) every step.  Years of practice assure the walker remains wrapped to the line.

Growing Talus at 1 yr and 10 mon

Snowflake Talus visiting in Summer.

His thumb is low set and angled widely away from the hand (above). This shows his desire to embrace a large playground.

Talus is becoming skilled in walking the tight rope – his head and heart are entwined into one line of Union.

Together we’ll watch his intense drive shine through his creative outlet.  Here he is moving to the rhythm of sound!

Talus at the Beach

This is a fabulous depiction of the natural formations you’ll find in nature.  Imagine how these ridges in the sand are formed.  There is a language in these ridges.  So too is there a language in the fingerprint patterns.  I like to think about (and read) the vibrational imprint etched in the tips of the fingers as well as the palm.

Talus ~ Day Five at Life-U

Sept. 16, 2009
 Introducing Talus, five days after he made his grand entrance into Life-University.
Talus has a strong and dominant Seeker line – showing a curious disposition and a desire to ‘know why’.  Sure, he may be a little young for us to witness this…. but time will tell how it plays out.   Talus should be fairly easy to trail for the next 10 years because his Mom has a house near by.