Hand Printing Ruby and more

Printing Ruby in April 2010




 I have an estimation of fingerprint patterns from my visit with Ruby in Dec. 2009, but not confident enough to declare them, just yet, owing to the movement of the little fingers when viewing them through my magnifying glass.

From her hand print of her left hand I see the marking of Independence of Thought (separation between head and life line at the starting point on the inside of the hand below the index (Jupiter finger). This is not an uncommon marking, by any means. It simply points to a marked ‘self’ expressive, impulsive, ‘get outta my way’ style. Conforming to the norm will be uncomfortable to this little snowflake.

I’ll be watching for trends between these little Snowflakes. River (next blog entry below Ruby) has this marking on her left hand just like Ruby. Snowflake Beth as well as Oprah also has this marking for spontaneous action.

Ruby has a ‘shadow’ head line coming off her right hand life line (see below for best view), veering straight across her right hand toward the outer edge of the palm. This indicates a strong dependence on the family. If this line stays in tact she’ll see how mom and dad can do ‘no wrong’ or ‘my grandpa and grandma are THE best in the world and that’s final’.

With two Hermit heart lines (one on each hand) she’ll find much comfort in private with her family. Family and home will offer a positive sanctuary for her to ‘be’.  She’ll need some sort of sanctuary to ‘plug in’ and revitalize.

Initially, her paradox, which we all have, is to be independent in thought yet dependent on family. A healthy integration of these aspects is for her to have the ‘freedom’ to express her own ideas within the family without judgment or undue persuasion. All family members will do well by Ruby to listen and be curious about her ideas and unique thought system.

Right print from 12/09