Snowflake River at 3 yrs and 4 months

May 27, 2011: River gave me the green light for printing and taking photos of her hands today.  By looking at her bare fingerprints, the ink prints and the enlarged scans of her prints, all fingerprints could be recognized.  Now I can clarify her Soul Potential and give her Mom and Dad a glimpse into her life challenges.  Those challenges are the guide posts for staying the course – on PURPOSE.



Snowflake River

Mar. 19, 2010

River’s left hand (above) 

River’s right hand (above)

Mini Reading – River’s left hand exemplifies free spirit and great zeal.  She has a passionate heart line which portrays her fiery emotional nature.  Like fire she demonstrates to us the variety of color and flame that rockets upward with her crackling, popping and sizzling personality.  The separation between the starting point of her life and head lines lend to ‘the free spirit’.  She’ll do it her way with a creative impulse. Mom might say “River, that’s a cactus” and she’ll say, “No mommy, it’s the bottom of a boat with prickly things sticking out.”  She will give her mommy and daddy new ways to see everything for years to come.  By the show of her short to medium length head lines, her decisions will often be made quickly…. No dilly dallying.  

 If her thumb, as shown on her left hand, were to remain in this position, with a large splay, she’d feel naturally inclined and attracted to embracing a large territory.  The thumb represents determination, results and allows us to hold tools.  The wide angle between thumb and index finger characterizes the desire to ‘manage’ a large area. At this age perhaps a ‘little’ sand box just won’t due.  

Her right hand has a slight connection between the head and life line, at the starting point, indicating family will have influence and importance…at least for a while.  Most likely we’ll see River chart her own course naturally with great enthusiasm, charm and bliss.  Her Venus zone, the area just inside the life line where her thumb plugs into the palm, is healthy and strong.  Having fun and making things beautiful will be on her play list.