Riley’s Prints Span Nine Years

Below you’ll find a photo of Riley’s hand prints spanning nine years.  Her first printing was in December 2003 when she was seven years old. I’ve included Mom and Dad’s prints. My next step is to look for changes between Riley’s handprints through the years. Then I’ll look for commonalities with her parents. Also on file are her grandparents, great grand mother, one uncle, two cousins and her brother and sister. Did you know the family’s purpose can be determined based on a composite of their fingerprints?

Nine Years with Riley
Nine Years with Riley

Snowflake Riley

Riley is one of my oldest snowflakes and one I have the most hand prints.  Her mom and I have been best of friends since we were in 5th grade. View Riley below starting in Jan. 2010 traveling back in time to her prints in 2003.

Riley Jan 2010

Left hand print Aug. 27, 2010

Riley right hand print Aug. 27, 2010

Riley’s life purpose, her reason for being, is to lead others to their most creative and individualistic self.  In the process, she too, is to be an authority for her own unique creative individualistic self.  The key for Riley to live on purpose is to effectively manage her perceptions around her own feelings of ‘incompletion’ and boundary management.  As she manages her boundaries and choices she generates a variety of passions.  These passions then trigger feelings of accomplishment and success with peace and harmony.

Riley’s prints, above, start in Dec. 2003 at age 7.  Prints are shown at various times over the years between Dec ’03 and Aug.’09.

Riley in Cats (above)

Left print, above, in 2003 at age 7

Both prints show a variety of lines crossing through the hands which describe her firey nature – charasmatic, excitable, vivacious, lively and disliking bordom. The shape of her hands are square which shows her practical side.  The Earth hand shape is typically reliable, honorable and dependable.  Earth and fire come together in a kiln.  At the right temperature the clay comes out in beautiful form.  Archieologists dig up ancient pottery that has been preserved in the earth.  Richard Unger assigns the word “Worker Bee” to the earth + fire hand.  Riley is the worker-bee who needs exciting work to do. 

  Her head line does straighten out a bit between age 7 and 10 which would indicate a bit clearer thinking as she aged.

At the time the left print was taken below she was all about having a large territory to ‘grasp’.  The angle of opposition of her thumb (the results department), extends a great distance away from her index finger, shows her comfort in holding space for a larger audience.

Left print, below, in Oct. 2006 at age 10

 After comparing her left prints between 2003 and 2010 I continue to see a shadow life line.  This is a life line inside of her main life line.  This indicates great stamina to go, and go and go like the energizer bunny.  This well of energy helps her achieve all of her planned activities – volley ball practice, acting lessons, homework, chores and more.  On weekends she is known for easily sleeping until 11:00am.  It is very important for the energizer bunny to rejuvinate to avoid burn out.  If this double life line configuration stays in tact as she gets older she is most likely to hear comments like “How do you get so much done?” “When do you ever stop?’ 

Like anything else, this is a key balancing point for Riley – keeping the energy out pouring in balance with her body’s natural flow.  Riley is learning important lessons about balance and harmony

Nov 2008 (above)