Snowflake Drue

When Drue was born in June 1999 her Parents were in the middle of remodeling their home.  Her father was doing a majority of the work on the remodel while also working at a full time job.  They had moved out of the home being remodeled and lived in an apartment in Tahoe.  Her mom underwent tremendous stress as she carried Drue during pregnancy with a full time (70 hour a week) job.

Drue’s hands and fingerprints have been on my radar since Dec. 2003.

 Prints from ’06, ’08 and ’09 above

 Drue Aug. 31, 2009 (above)

Drue’s Line of Clairvoyance (LoC)  in 2008 (above) 

The Arc (Line of Clairvoyance) around Drue’s Moon Zone indicates here ability to “Know” from a deep inner place.  Friends would look to her to clarify their confusion about life, possibly at even this young age.  The LoC is a ‘gift marking’ and identifys the owner as a Spiritual Teacher or Guide.

I’m watching for change in Drue’s Line of Clairvoyance over time.  It’s much more defined in the print in Oct. ’06 (above) than it is in 2008 (just above).

Nov. 28, 2008 print (above)

On Drue’s left hand print she has a Big Heart heart line.  This tells me that she is caring, sharing, nurturing, emotionally engaged with friends.  She is considerate of her friends needs.  She also has an interestingly unusual fate line on her left hand.  Two lines start at the lower left part of the palm and reach a mid point where the fate line extends upwards straight up toward her middle finger.  I’d assess this as being driven from intuition (Moon) and from her deepest emotional depths (Neptune).  Combined with the line of clairvoyance, she seeks meaning around emotional connections.