A Bundle of Bethany

Bethany and her Mom and Dad came by to have Bethany’s hands printed again.  Her first hand printing was in Jan. 2010, 2nd printing in May 2010, 3rd printing in Aug. 2010 and now Oct. 2011.  She is an absolute bundle of Love.  Two Big Heart Lines have developed.  One heart line is recorded as being ‘short’ in an earlier print and reading.  Now that Heart Line has grown up toward the index finger.  She owns 9 Loops on 10 of  her fingerprints.
Documenting Fingerprint Patterns


Dad is curious too!


Preparing to Print


Inking Bethany
Lookin' Good!

 Colored ink is more fun for kids!  She picked purple this time.


A big thank you to Raymond for taking the photos!

Bethany and Cousin Kelsey

Aug, 2010




Bethany May 2010 (below)



Her left hand (above) has a Big Heart heart line.  This adds juice to her life path of authentic connections (derived from her fingerprint patterns)  through her desires to nurture and care for others.  The public will see her as sensitive, seeking companionship and adaptive to emotional states of others.  Bringing home stray cats and birds wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Bethany.