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AAHA Teacher Lindsay Morlock
Lindsay Morlock, Teacher

Lindsay Morlock, Certified Scientific Hand Analyst, assists those with a deep desire for self-awareness and interest in discovering their true purpose in this lifetime.  She has a BA in Psychology from Gettysburg College and an MA in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Virginia Tech. She believes more fulfillment, more joy, more love, and more from life begin with a deep understanding of who you are and what your purpose and lessons are here on Earth. The hands provide a blueprint of your soul and thus a roadmap to your most fulfilling life.

Certified as a Hand Analyst through the American Academy of Hand Analysis in 2013, Lindsay conducts individual hand analysis sessions as well as training for those with the desire to experience profound personal transformation for themselves and others through this medium.  Her ultimate goal is to help individuals awaken and realize the unique gifts they were meant to share with the world and road blocks along the way.

It is her sincerest passion and pleasure to serve as a guide throughout an individual’s deeply personal and powerful journey. In 2016 she became Certified as a Test Assessor for Personality and Ability from the British Psychological Society. She also has a Coaching Certification from LifeBound.

Linda Salazar
Linda Salazar, Teacher and Speaker

Linda Salazar is a Relationship Coach, Teacher of Scientific Hand Analysis, author and speaker, helping clients succeed in any challenging relationship, whether personal or professional. Known for uncovering the internal conflict that keeps us in pain, she offers practical advice and direction that allows you to create healthy, stress-free relationships and lasting inner peace.

As the founder of Your Heart Is In Your Hands Coaching, Linda introduced scientific hand analysis into her coaching practice to accelerate her client’s uncovering of their relationship struggles, true life purpose, life lessons, challenges and gifts, that are all revealed in the hands.

She has addressed such diverse groups as the Motion Picture Health and Wellness Program, the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants, the International Moms Club, the Costume Designers Guild, La Leche League, Northwest Medical Center and has been interviewed on hundreds of radio stations across America.

She’s appeared on KCAL Channel 9 news in Los Angeles, Access to Experts web TV and has been written about in Women’s Faith and Spirit Magazine, LA Times and Parent Magazine. Linda is the author of Awaken The Genie Within, Parents In Love; Reclaiming Intimacy After Your Child Is Born and 52 Tips for a Magical Marriage After Your Child Is Born.

Anne Bunnell
Anne Bunnell, Spiritual Executive Officer, Contributing Editor

Anne Bunnell was introduced to Hand Analysis in 2003 when she had her hands read by Richard Unger of the IIHA.  She was hooked and it changed her life.  Anne studied with Richard and Alana Unger, became an IIHA Certified Hand Analyst in 2005 and has been reading hands ever since.  Anne edited the AAHA Level 1, 2 and 3 Student Workbooks and completed the AAHA Teacher Training in December 2012.

She loves to weave together her passions of Hand Analysis, Dream Work and Spiritual Studies to create a unique tapestry for self-discovery.  She loves the deep connection that occurs on so many levels with this work; SOUL DISCOVERY FROM THE HEART.  “It is an absolute honor to hold the mirror up for those I read for so they can “see” the true reflection of beauty and uniqueness within themselves.”

Since entering the world of Hand Analysis, Anne continues to expand her knowledge and experience through wonderful opportunities to work, study and share with extremely gifted Hand Analysis “Masters” who bring their own unique styles to this magical practice.

Anne is the mother of three (four if you count her giant dog, Phoenix) and will be forever grateful for the “wisdom of hands” in raising her children and understanding those closest to her.  Anne lives in Petaluma, California.

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