Life Line Commentaries

by Kay Packard

Can you read my Life Line to tell how long I’ll live?

Recently, enough people have asked, with concern, about their own or someone else’s life lines (in the hands), to prompt me to gather more first-hand stories from owners and share them with readers.

My intention is to debunk the myth that the Life Line has anything, whatsoever, to do with the length of life. The Life Line does not identify when the owner will die.

See these two short Life Lines

The owner of these short Life Lines described feeling persistent unrest, uneasiness, FOMO (fear of missing out) and anxiety. These types of feelings are associated directly with the Life Line, also called the Line of Earth and Vitality.


Two short Life Lines on a 62-year-old woman

Technically, the Life Line on her left hand, splits into three lines and one faintly continues, with the other one broken. I’d classify the left hand as both short and weak.

She added, “It feels constant. If I’m not busy doing something, learning something new, going to new places, helping someone out, etc.  – then I’m going to run out of time. It’s like there’s an internal clock inside me that I’m always racing against.”

Helpful tools she uses: Deep breathing. Touching each finger to my thumb, I say “Peace Begins within.” I repeat over and over, “I am safe” or “there is nothing I have to do” or “all I have to do today is breath.”

Note: She has lived beyond the age on the Life Line timeline where her lines have ended – around age 45 on the right hand and between 45 and 50 on the left hand.

So there you have it; more proof that the Life Line cannot be decoded to reveal how long someone will live.

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