4-Week Hand Reading Self-Study Program

Delve into the core elements of the art and science of hand reading

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Join Kay to:

– Gain practical, usable and reliable knowledge as well as deep insights into the fascinating world of hand reading.

– Explore, embrace and elevate into a new relationship with your heart, head and vitality system.

– Uncover a profound sense of self-assurance in your authentic self. 

– Access ancient wisdom for modern day living.

In this 4-Week Hand Reading Self-Study Program, you will:

– Receive detailed Handbooks (with illustrations) to effectively speak to people about the secret code mapped in the hands.

– Get concise and practical hand reading facts and data, drawing from Kay’s personal research, teachings, and experience over the last 20 years.

– Join in live zoom sessions for discussion, Q&A, and to receive valuable tips for hand reading success.

– Embrace a daily practice of hand reading for personal growth and understanding.

– Cultivate your creativity by drawing patterns you see in your hands on blank hand maps in your handbook.

– Be skillfully guided to blend markings together to reveal more meaningful information in the hands.

This program is tailor-made for individuals who resonate with the following:

Independent Learning: If you prefer studying at your own pace and in the comfort of your personal space, this program is designed with you in mind.

Daily Reading Challenge: If you’re up for a manageable challenge of dedicating just 3-5 minutes a day to reading, this program aligns perfectly with your commitment.

Self-Discovery: If you’re eager to delve into a journey of self-exploration, this program offers a gateway to uncovering insightful truths about yourself.

Foster Inspiration: If your aim is to inspire people around you to lead richer, more fulfilling lives, this program empowers you with wisdom to ignite positive change.

Your Handbook Overview:

Week 1: You’ll start with a brief introduction to the major lines in the hands and then dive into one of the most popular features, the Heart Line. Discover how this line holds the secrets to your relationship roadmap, helping you remove obstacles and enhance your love-language at home, work and with friends and family. (44 page pdf download)

Week 2: Explore the intricacies of seven different types of Head Lines. Understanding this major line will reveal how the mind processes information and what triggers its unique responses. (37 page pdf download)

Week 3: Get to know the Life Lines, an essential indicator of a person’s vitality system and capacity for physical well-being. Explore the timeline for estimating radical bodily shifts and opportunities in one’s life. (38 page pdf download)

Week 4: This week is dedicated to Vertical Lines in the hand, offering insights into how we are ignited to lead, work, create, and communicate. Students sometimes feel stuck what to say about the vertical lines. You’ll feel much more confident after this week. (42 page pdf download)

With each feature, you’ll learn how to spot it, understand its significance, explore key words, strengths, pitfalls, growth statements, and breakthrough questions.

Sundays and Wednesdays Live: Plan to join Kay live each week for a 60-minute session for discussion, tips and Q&A and a 60-minute session to integrate what you’re learning through practice and observation. (Recordings available after each session.)

This program isn’t just information – it’s an actionable path towards personal evolution. Take the first step today!

Kick-off Date: TBA

Tuition: $497

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Open to 10 students. Classes are kept small to give individualized one-on-one support. 

Eight (8) 1-hour live zoom sessions with Kay and classmates for discussion, Q&A, success tips and practice

Mark your calendar for Live Zoom Sessions:

Dates to be announced

Here’s what Sandra said:

The four-week Self-Study class was perfect for my current lifestyle because I could read the material when I chose and join the online calls to deepen my understanding of the content. The materials Kay provided were all newly developed and presented as a succinct series of booklets for each week. The “bite-sized” pieces each week gave me just enough material to dive into wholeheartedly and gain a clear understanding of.

The class has motivated me to expand my hand-analysis business because of the confidence it has inspired in me and because of the amazing group of people that participated and shared their hands and stories. The class helped remind me of how sacred and important this work is. Sandra Butler

I would recommend taking any of Kay’s classes because they are informative, intimate, affordable, fantastic, and fun. 

Our 4-Week Hand Reading Self-Study Program provides:

Immediate Application: Every lesson is designed to be immediately applicable, allowing you to integrate new concepts into your life.

Thriving Community: Join a vibrant and supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for growth and transformation. 

Skill Enhancement: Build valuable new skills that enrich your personal and professional life, empowering you to navigate challenges with confidence.

Is This Program Right for You? Absolutely, if you fall into any of these categories:

Beginners: If you’re new to the world of hand reading, this program provides a welcoming entry point into the art and science, nurturing your understanding step by step.

Seasoned Hand Readers: If you’re an experienced hand reader looking to refresh your skills and deepen your understanding, this program offers a valuable opportunity to revisit and elevate your practice.

Artists & Healers: Discover a transformative avenue as you explore this new modality to enhance your practice.

Life Coaches: If you’re a coach dedicated to guiding your clients towards their goals, this program equips you with an insightful toolset to accelerate their progress, making you even more effective and sought-after.

No matter where you stand on your journey, this program meets you there. Join us to embark on a shared journey of growth, inspiration and empowerment.

Questions? We love questions! Use the Contact Us button to inquire about this program.