Free Mastermind March 2017

Welcome back to another insightful webinar to expand learning and awareness about the sacred and scientific world of hand analysis. The system used for these calls is non-predictive. Beginners and advanced hand analysts will benefit by listening and participating. After this webinar, subscribers will receive a recording of the call in both mp4 (video) and mp3 (audio) and be available for a short time.

Find below the hands to be discussed on Sunday, March 19th

Click this link to open 2017_MM_01_02_Mar_From ED_2-24-17

Prints 03, o4, 05, and 06 are not posted here but will be shared live during the call. The file sizes are too large to post here.

Photos 07 and 08 (below)

Right hand above

Left hand above

Free Mastermind October, 2016


The handprints below will be analyzed and discussed during the AAHA Free Hand Factor Mastermind Webinar on Wed. Oct. 12th, 2016. Feel free to print the handprints and make notes as the prints are discussed. Your questions will be welcome in the chat feature during the live webinar. If you would like to be added to the Free Mastermind subscription simply email with, “Yes, add me to your MM.” You will receive an invitation to submit handprints, join upcoming calls, and receive the recording after the call.  Hope to see you soon!










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