Wyatt Turns Two

Snowflake Wyatt came by to have his hands printed just before his 2nd birthday but he was much more interested in being a kid – as he should!  We were more successful last year because we had three adults wrangling one snowflake.  I’ll know better for next time. 🙂

If it’s OK with Mom, it’s OK with me to play on the counter top with the cooking utensils.

 His hand wrapped tightly around the hair dryer.

At last a print (below) but mostly for fun.


Summer Snowflake

These little hands came to visit today. 


This Little One’s life purpose is the Successful, Innovative Communicator. When living on purpose, failure is not an option.  She is the inventor with language whether speaking, writing, singing or signing.  She is the Master Communicator, manifesting and creating the precise ingredients for success. She has already received an award for ‘communications’ at school.

Her life challenge is to feel at home regardless of any community or family environmental issues.  By experiencing the feeling of being a “Black Sheep” she’ll learn to find her right tribe where she can feel like she belongs.  This is a journey of trial and error.  At 9 and ¾ years of age she fully understands what it takes to find the right pant size.  She knows about trying on pants that are too big and too small to get to the just right size.  With her life challenge she may roam from tribe to tribe, exploring the people, attitudes and life styles until she feels ‘at home’.  Ideally, she’ll ultimately find her ‘home’ wherever her heart is.   

As she develops being ‘at home’ she may actually turn into a Master Translator for black sheep’s from a Spiritual perspective.  The loop in her Moon Zone gives her the potential to be the Spiritual Counselor where she assists others to understand their deepest self and reach the highest self.

Growing Talus at 1 yr and 10 mon

Snowflake Talus visiting in Summer.

His thumb is low set and angled widely away from the hand (above). This shows his desire to embrace a large playground.

Talus is becoming skilled in walking the tight rope – his head and heart are entwined into one line of Union.

Together we’ll watch his intense drive shine through his creative outlet.  Here he is moving to the rhythm of sound!

Snowflake River at 3 yrs and 4 months

May 27, 2011: River gave me the green light for printing and taking photos of her hands today.  By looking at her bare fingerprints, the ink prints and the enlarged scans of her prints, all fingerprints could be recognized.  Now I can clarify her Soul Potential and give her Mom and Dad a glimpse into her life challenges.  Those challenges are the guide posts for staying the course – on PURPOSE.



Wyatt Turns One

Oct. 22, 2010 Wyatt’s First Hand Printing – He just turned One.

He seems quite facinated with the roller

He’s very strong!

What’s baby talk for “Ok, you can let go now?”

A success!

Now for the other hand.  Momma was instrumental in ‘all’ of this!

Age One, left print Oct 21, 2010 (above)


Wyatt, age One, Oct 21, 2010 right hand print (above)

Bethany and Cousin Kelsey

Aug, 2010




Bethany May 2010 (below)



Her left hand (above) has a Big Heart heart line.  This adds juice to her life path of authentic connections (derived from her fingerprint patterns)  through her desires to nurture and care for others.  The public will see her as sensitive, seeking companionship and adaptive to emotional states of others.  Bringing home stray cats and birds wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Bethany. 

Hand Printing Ruby and more

Printing Ruby in April 2010




 I have an estimation of fingerprint patterns from my visit with Ruby in Dec. 2009, but not confident enough to declare them, just yet, owing to the movement of the little fingers when viewing them through my magnifying glass.

From her hand print of her left hand I see the marking of Independence of Thought (separation between head and life line at the starting point on the inside of the hand below the index (Jupiter finger). This is not an uncommon marking, by any means. It simply points to a marked ‘self’ expressive, impulsive, ‘get outta my way’ style. Conforming to the norm will be uncomfortable to this little snowflake.

I’ll be watching for trends between these little Snowflakes. River (next blog entry below Ruby) has this marking on her left hand just like Ruby. Snowflake Beth as well as Oprah also has this marking for spontaneous action.

Ruby has a ‘shadow’ head line coming off her right hand life line (see below for best view), veering straight across her right hand toward the outer edge of the palm. This indicates a strong dependence on the family. If this line stays in tact she’ll see how mom and dad can do ‘no wrong’ or ‘my grandpa and grandma are THE best in the world and that’s final’.

With two Hermit heart lines (one on each hand) she’ll find much comfort in private with her family. Family and home will offer a positive sanctuary for her to ‘be’.  She’ll need some sort of sanctuary to ‘plug in’ and revitalize.

Initially, her paradox, which we all have, is to be independent in thought yet dependent on family. A healthy integration of these aspects is for her to have the ‘freedom’ to express her own ideas within the family without judgment or undue persuasion. All family members will do well by Ruby to listen and be curious about her ideas and unique thought system.

Right print from 12/09

Snowflake River

Mar. 19, 2010

River’s left hand (above) 

River’s right hand (above)

Mini Reading – River’s left hand exemplifies free spirit and great zeal.  She has a passionate heart line which portrays her fiery emotional nature.  Like fire she demonstrates to us the variety of color and flame that rockets upward with her crackling, popping and sizzling personality.  The separation between the starting point of her life and head lines lend to ‘the free spirit’.  She’ll do it her way with a creative impulse. Mom might say “River, that’s a cactus” and she’ll say, “No mommy, it’s the bottom of a boat with prickly things sticking out.”  She will give her mommy and daddy new ways to see everything for years to come.  By the show of her short to medium length head lines, her decisions will often be made quickly…. No dilly dallying.  

 If her thumb, as shown on her left hand, were to remain in this position, with a large splay, she’d feel naturally inclined and attracted to embracing a large territory.  The thumb represents determination, results and allows us to hold tools.  The wide angle between thumb and index finger characterizes the desire to ‘manage’ a large area. At this age perhaps a ‘little’ sand box just won’t due.  

Her right hand has a slight connection between the head and life line, at the starting point, indicating family will have influence and importance…at least for a while.  Most likely we’ll see River chart her own course naturally with great enthusiasm, charm and bliss.  Her Venus zone, the area just inside the life line where her thumb plugs into the palm, is healthy and strong.  Having fun and making things beautiful will be on her play list.