Snowflake Logan


Mar 07 Logan’s Hand Art (above)



Aug 17, 2009 (above)

Nov. 2008 (above) showing the Argumentative Head Line

Celebrating in style in Aug. 2008

 Aug. 27, 2010 Logan’s Life Purpose is the Mentor as and to Individualists – those who express their most creative selves.  Being in the spot light is easy and ‘demanded’ at his young age of 8. By expressing his most authentic feelings, fully and completely, he’ll see the most creative ‘students’ flock to his call.  He has a little bubble on his right head line under Apollo.  This can represent strong and solid thinking and processing about his creative urges until he notices people ‘watching him’ then he’ll either amp up the charisma or hides behind the curtains.  So far, his on-stage character is in full throttle.