Mastermind October 2015

Greetings Friend,

I am delighted to share the following prints with you. They were submitted for analysis on the upcoming Hand Factor Mastermind tele-call on Thursday, October 29. Each set will be discussed for about 12 – 14 minutes so that all five sets will have some air time.  Note the print number above each handprint. The plan is to discuss them in the order they are posted below.

Print 01 below

MM 01 Oct LF_Right from L Bard

Print 02 below

MM 02 Oct LF_Left from L Bard

Print 03 below

MM 03 Aug from Vickie Davis Rt

Print 04 below

MM 04 Aug from Vickie Davis

Gift Marking Map below

AAHA Gift Mark Map

Print 05 below

MM 05 from Ginger Rt w fingertips

Print 06 below

MM 06 Oct from Ginger Print Lt w fingertips

Print 07 below

MM 07 Oct Tanya from Hedonna

Print 08 below

MM 08 Oct Tanya from Hedonna

Print 09 below

MM 09 Oct 2015 from Susan H RH

Print 10 below

MM 10 Oct 2015 from Susan H LH