Mastermind Aug 2015

Welcome to the free Hand Factor Hand Analysis Mastermind – August 2015.  The handprints below will be discussed on our call on Thur. Aug. 13th. Subscribers will receive an invitation to join the call on the day of the call. It’s never to late to join. Simply email with “Yes, add me to your MM” in the subject line. You will then be added to the mailing list along with receiving recordings of these calls – all for FREE!

What is going on with the Heart and Head Lines on the right hand (below)?

MM 01 Aug from B BailyRt


MM 02 Aug from B Baily Lt


MM 03 Aug from R Velasquez


MM 04 Aug from R Velasquez

Do you see any Gift Markings in either of these handprints (below 05 and 06)?

MM 05 Aug from Vickie Davis Rt

MM 06 Aug from Vickie Davis

AAHA Gift Mark Map

What indicators in these prints (below 07 and 08) show curiosity and active pursuit of knowledge? And what are this person’s non-negotiable needs in relationship?

MM 07 Aug from Ruth G Rt

MM 08 Aug from Ruth G left