How to Identify Challenge Markings in the Hands and 

What to Do About Them

Do you protect yourself from hurt, pain and suffering? Have you considered how much energy you use trying to avoid irritation, frustration, disappointment and opposition?

What if there was a way to identify personal challenges, see them with a new perspective, and receive remedies to eliminate them?

Well, there is a way!

Using the map inscribed in your hands we can easily pinpoint the sources of significant challenges in your life. Learn to clearly recognize specific markings found in the hands that present unmistakable obstacles to living a more fulfilling life.

With proper language you can interpret what they mean including both the negative AND positive possibilities. Yes, there are positive aspects in very difficult challenge markings in the hands. Learn how to frame uplifting and empowering messages, based on those difficult markings, and inspire deep personal growth.

This workshop is designed to introduce you to several markings in the hands that can indicate significant difficulties for the owners of those markings.

Imagine living a life in balance with more clarity, confidence and joy simply by knowing more about challenge markings in the hands and what to do with them.

In this LIVE webinar-workshop

– Learn how to recognize 27 different challenge markings that can appear in the hands

– Learn how to interpret what they mean, how difficult they can be to live with and how to use them for growth

– Gain insight into both the negative and positive possibilities of these markings

– Practice using a template to integrate a series of challenge markings and create a unique treasure map leading to hidden opportunities

– Learn how to develop uplifting and inspiring statements for each challenge marking

– Reference your own and other participant’s handprints

– Receive an extensive student workbook

– Receive individualized mantras for you and your challenge markings

– 4.5 hours of class time

– Class recordings

– Leave the course feeling revived  for relationship, family, career most importantly – yourself

–  *BONUS* One 30-minute mentor session with Kay to focus on your challenge markings and personalized mantras for breaking through barriers.

With proper perspective, challenge markings in the hands illuminate the map through pain and suffering into life with confidence, clarity and personal power. The key is in your hand!

Tuesdays, May 2, 9 and 16, 2017; 4:00-5:30pm Pacific Time

Tuition: $297

6 of 10 seats left (a/o Apr. 23rd). Act today if you’d like to learn.

Deadline to enroll: April 24

Beginners and advanced, U.S. and international students welcome

As needed, a printing kit and instructions will be mailed to you as soon as your payment is received. You won’t want to miss out on your hand prints being used as part of this class. Allow time to receive your kit, print your hands, and return them to Kay’s office. It’s easy!

** Previous Workshops Below **

Available by request

Ten Spiritual Laws for Soul-Centered Scientific Hand Analysts

Mondays March 27 and April 10, 2017; 4:00–6:00pmPT

4-hours of LIVE webinar with Kay

Understand the Ten Spiritual Laws drawn directly (and simply) from A Course in Miracles and how to develop the characteristics in your own life.

Gain a renewed sense of energy about bringing spirit into your business as you are guided to ascend the Ten Spiritual Laws Pyramid on your journey as a scientific hand analyst.

See how a soul-centered approach in your practice fosters respect, tenderness, hope and certainty instead of a traditional approach that can induce fear, confusion, lack and competition.

Listen, contemplate and integrate. Become miracle minded. Open yourself to infinite possibilities.

Receive a 20-page student workbook and recordings after each class.


  • Student workbook
  • Ten Laws Overview
  • Trust and My Baby Blanket
  • Honesty, Tolerance, Gentleness, Joy, Defenselessness
  • Trust without the Job
  • The Laws and My Life Work
  • Generosity, Patience, Faithfulness, Open Mindedness
  • Two Options for Operation
  • Questions for You to ‘undo’ and overcome challenges
  • Ask these 3 simple questions to join your will with Thy Will
  • 5 Powerful Affirmations for the Spiritual Leader

Perfect for beginners or advanced students. No knowledge of A Course in Miracles required.

Bonus to the first 5 people who sign up: Free 30-minute Life Strategy session with Kay to focus on your life purpose, business, relationship or a current life change. Together we’ll clarify your next powerful action step.

Use the Contact Us form to ask any questions about this live 4-hour workshop.

“Change but your mind on what you want to see, and all the world must change accordingly.”  -ACIM Lesson 132


Discover Your Love Style and Understand Your 

Non-Negotiable Relationship Requirements  

Hint: It’s All In Your Hands

Heart Lines in Your Hands

During this Workshop:

Learn about the 4 basic Heart Line types found in the hands

Identify which Heart Line you have on each of your hands

Understand your non-negotiable relationship requirements (and how to help your mate understand, too)

Hear specific descriptions about your Relationship Road Map and why you want to be treated in very particular ways

Be able to better articulate how you desire to be treated

Better understand how others see you in relationship

Improve rapport in your relationships

Expand your tool kit to better adapt and connect with children, mates, co-workers, bosses and clients


Date: Saturday Feb. 11th, 2017  1:30-3:30pm

LOCATION: Harmony House Yoga Studio, 991 Price Street, Pismo Beach, CA

ARRIVE by 1:15pm so that Kay can decipher your Heart Line type before the workshop

Cost: $30 (10% off for members)

RSVP to Harmony House Yoga (805) 773-0380

Questions welcome in the Contact Us form

20 Sizzling Hearts Maximum – Tell a friend

We sold out last time so hurry and reserve your seat today!


Book Banner

 Your Life Is In Your Hands

Workshop Available by Request

Do you experience blocks on your life journey but can’t put your finger on what they are?

 Are you ready to recognize and advance on your master path in 3 easy steps? 

Join Kay and learn how to navigate the map of your life etched into your hands so that you can live your most meaningful and prosperous life.

 Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Space for 4 people/sets of handprints

(Ideal for groups with family members, friends, or workmates)

Workshop Leader: Kay Packard, Author and Teacher

During this two-hour live virtual webinar workshop with Kay you will receive:

A Hand Map showing the location of many markings that can be found in the hand

Confirmation of three (possibly more) markings found in your hands including your Heart Line Love Style

Descriptions directly from Kay’s book, Your Life Is In Your Hands, how each of these markings found in your hands can show up in your life

Upside and downside possibilities of each marking and how to embrace them

A personalized mantra to uplift you into your highest potential

Kay’s book, Your Life Is In Your Hands; Practical Palm Reading for Purposeful Living (hard copy)

Click here to email Kay and make sure there is still room, and to enroll, now. (If you already have Kay’s book and she has your handprints inquire about a reduced tuition)


“This workshop, Your Life Is In Your Hands was an awakening, enlightening, validating, consciousness raising two hours. I would participate again in a heartbeat!” – Vickie D.

“I really enjoyed the workshop with Kay and found it to be very insightful. I was able to discover and learn through my hands why certain themes keep coming up in my life. Through Kay’s knowledge and teaching, she was able to identify my strengths and ways to overcome some of the challenges I face. Hand analysis is amazingly accurate. If you are ready to explore your true life purpose and gain insight into your life and really take charge of it, I highly recommend Kay as a teacher and a guide.” – Linda M.

“This workshop was very informative. I liked the small group format with the individual attention. It definitely left me wanting more info!  🙂  The amount of time was just long enough where if I was the last one to have had my hands read (1-1/2 hours into the call) there was enough information to keep me engaged while watching and listening to the other three readings.” -Kathy T.

Immediately after you have enrolled and your payment is received, we’ll get you started:

  1. You’ll be instructed how to easily print your hands to use during this workshop (you may want to submit someone else’s prints. Children and husband’s benefit, too.)
  2. You’ll return your handprints to Kay one week, or more, before the workshop is scheduled (TIME SENSITIVE)

Just before the live workshop you’ll receive instructions how to join in and participate via your computer. International participants are welcome and can usually join the call toll-free.

Requirements to join us live:

  • Your handprints must be received by June 15 in either hardcopy or scanned and emailed so that there is plenty of time to review and organize them for the workshop.
  • A computer or mobile device to join the webinar live

Note: If an emergency arises and you’re unable to join, your handprints can still be used during the scheduled live webinar. You will receive the video-recording of the workshop along with the contents listed above as well as the bonuses listed below.

*International participants who do not have Kay’s book will be asked for an additional fee of $15.00 USD to cover international shipping charges to mail your book, Your Life Is In Your Hands. If you don’t need the book, this fee will not be requested.

This workshop is ideal for:

Individuals  *  Families  *  Work-groups  *  A Group of Friends

AAHA Basic Hand Map

Click here to email Kay and make sure there is still room, and to enroll, now

Exciting bonuses you’ll also receive:

Subscription to Kay’s FREE Mastermind webinar held 5 times a year

Special savings on optional VIP days with Kay

Take this first step to steer through the unique map scribed in your hands. Kay is here to empower YOU with more self-knowledge so you can make powerful choices in your life.

Don’t delay, sign up today! Tell a friend, or two, too.

Life Path BannerWorkshop:  Discover your Life Path 

Create Deeper Fulfillment and Prosperity in Your Life

Date: TBD

When decoded your fingerprints reveal the sacred life path you are being called to explore, develop and illuminate.  Imagine knowing how to successfully navigate your life path with purpose and poise.

 In this workshop you will:

–  Learn about the four different life paths and which one you’re on based on your fingerprint patterns

–  Become more aware of your life path obstacles and how to make courageous course corrections

–  Unearth treasures in the trial-and-error process

–  With a new compass in hand, discover new perspective and possibilities

–  Learn how to accelerate from student to master path in 3-easy steps

–  Take home a checklist and tools to inspire you to live on your master path

Row of Fingerprints in Color

 Come learn how to live on your master path – it’s in your hands!




Vocational Selection Using the Science of Hand Analysis

During this live webinar-course you will learn how to help your clients clarify their ‘right’ vocation using the map you read in their hands. One’s true vocation acts like a law of Nature and it is precisely inscribed in the palms and fingerprints. Engage your existing database, experience, skills, desire and intuition. Prerequisite: 21 hours Foundations Intensive (or equivalent), knowledge of Gift Markings and Finger Zones.


– Learn How to Clarify a Client’s Unique Vocation Using Your Database

– Reference and Harness a Check List of Key Components in the Hands

– Get a Template to Prepare for and Use During Sessions with Your Clients

– Pinpoint Vocational Indicators in Hand Prints

– Receive a list of Vocational Compatibilities

– Receive Guidance to Activate Your Clients Mission

– Practice Accessing Your Intuition

– 4.0 hours of class time packed with content rich information

– 1.0 hour of private tutoring