Mastermind Aug 2015

Welcome to the free Hand Factor Hand Analysis Mastermind – August 2015.  The handprints below will be discussed on our call on Thur. Aug. 13th. Subscribers will receive an invitation to join the call on the day of the call. It’s never to late to join. Simply email with “Yes, add me to your MM” in the subject line. You will then be added to the mailing list along with receiving recordings of these calls – all for FREE!

What is going on with the Heart and Head Lines on the right hand (below)?

MM 01 Aug from B BailyRt


MM 02 Aug from B Baily Lt


MM 03 Aug from R Velasquez


MM 04 Aug from R Velasquez

Do you see any Gift Markings in either of these handprints (below 05 and 06)?

MM 05 Aug from Vickie Davis Rt

MM 06 Aug from Vickie Davis

AAHA Gift Mark Map

What indicators in these prints (below 07 and 08) show curiosity and active pursuit of knowledge? And what are this person’s non-negotiable needs in relationship?

MM 07 Aug from Ruth G Rt

MM 08 Aug from Ruth G left

Mastermind Free – June 2015

AAHA Free Mastermind Welcome to the free June Mastermind tele-call. The handprints below, will be discussed during our call on Thur. starting at 4pmPT. If you would like to join the subscribers list for this mastermind series email with “Yes, add me to your MM.” You’ll then receive notifications for calls and recordings of the calls.

MM_Jun 2015 01 from LB_Left  Click to open handprint. Then hit the ‘back’ key to return to this page.

MM_Jun_2015 02 from LB_Right  Click to open handprint. Then hit the ‘back’ key to return to this page.

MM Jun 2015 03


MM Jun 2015 04


MM Jun 2015 05_06 from Sandra E

Mastermind May 14 ~ Free

Greetings Hand Analyst! Below are the handprints to be reviewed on the free Hand Factor mastermind tele-call tonight. If you open a handprint to print it, click the back-arrow to return to this page.  It’s never too late to join. Simply email with “Yes, add me to your MM” in the subject line and you will be added to the subscription. Recordings are sent out after the call.

Barbara Mc Rt hand 2015

Barbara Mc Lt hand 15

Rt from LBard

Left from LBard

MM_May_2015 from Michele AB Rt

MM_May_2015 from Michele AB Left

Click here for the free Centered in Certainty Truth of Your Value worksheet. Use this sheet to crystalize the value you provide as a hand reader and feel more confident about the fee your charge for your readings.

Mastermind March 2015 – Free

MM Mar 2015 WelcomeWelcome to the Hand Factor free March mastermind tele-call. We are into our second year of free mastermind calls to review handprints submitted by participants. This is a terrific way for seasoned analysts to brush up on their hand analysis data base AND for individuals brand new to hand analysis to receive fundamental lessons about markings in the hands.

Below are the handprints to be assessed on Mar. 12th, 4:00-5:15pmPT. If you’d like to join this mastermind group email with, “Yes, add me to your MM” on the subject line and you’ll be added to the invitation list.









MM_Mar_2015_07 From BB

MM_Mar_2015_07 (above)


MM_Mar_2015_08 (above)

AAHA Feb 2015 Mastermind

American Academy of Hand Analysis Feb Mastermind - FreeGreetings Friends! Welcome back to the free Hand Factor Mastermind tele-calls. Below are the handprints Kay will discuss on Thursday, February 12, 2015 – 4pm-5:15pm Pacific Time. Submitters and participants are welcome to ask questions during the call. If you would like to join us you are welcome to send an email to with, “Yes, add me to your mm.” Invitations for handprints and the upcoming calls are sent to the subscribers of the Hand Factor Free Mastermind calls.



MM Feb 2015 01 Marinna Rt


MM Feb 2015 02 Marinna Left


MM Feb 2015 03 Marinna Question

MM Feb 2015 04_05 Darshan  (click to open)

MM Feb 2015 06_07 Michele (click to open)

Welcome 2015 Hand Factor FREE Mastermind Tele-Calls

At last, the 2015 FREE mastermind tele-calls will start. Our first call is scheduled for Thur. Feb. 12th from 4:00 to 5:15pm. If you haven’t been notified via email, and you’d like to join in, just email with, “Yes, add me to your MM.”  You’ll be immediately added to the information emails – AND invited to send in handprints for free mini-readings.

I thank you for joining me – I love, love, love this work! – Kay